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First Code Academy develops proprietary, structured curriculum for students to learn computer coding and STEM skills, but also the computational thinking and entrepreneurship mindset. We empower our next generation to be creators using technology.

First Code Academy was founded with the mission to provide students with digital literacy and computational thinking skills and empowering them to become creators with technology. Using proprietary curriculum adapted from Silicon Valley high schools, our after-school learning programs are incorporated in learning environments designed to stimulate inquiry-based learning, logical thinking and creative problem-solving.

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  • Michelle
    Michelle Sun
    Co-founder & CEO
    Michelle believes every person should be empowered to use technology to express themselves and bring their ideas to life. She started First Code Ac... Read More
  • Kevon square
    Kevon Cheung
    Co-founder & COO
    Kevon was a Software Engineer in Singapore writing code for web and mobile products. He trusts that coding will open doors for more young people to... Read More