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This job has expired.

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Marketing/Business Associate (Part-Time/Intern) Wanted Wanted


Hong Kong

Sales / Business Developer

starting date : 2020-01-06

Fintonium might be able to provide a visa.


The marketing/business developer position is a client facing role responsible for representing the company through messaging, communications, and recognition of Fintonium’s product offering to potential and new clients. Initially the role will be mostly focused on developing new (and improving the existing) messaging and branding of Fintonium’s products as you develop familiarity with the system. This will then evolve over time, transitioning to a role that’s primarily focused on direct client facing and consulting activities, with control over how marketing is presented.

Relationship Focused Business Development
The goal for the marketing component is to have lead generation based upon effective and concise marketing, positive word-of-mouth, and referrals – rather than cold-calling and direct sales.

While there may be some incentive structures in place related to customer acquisition and growth, performing well in this role is viewed as based upon “developing new relationships” rather than “commission based sales”.

While, we do not expect candidates to have any prior industry experience or existing relationships with institutional capital market participants, but we do expect you to develop these relationships over time.


Position Responsibilities

Superior written and spoken communication skills in English.
Develop an effective understanding of the capabilities, benefits and advantages of Fintonium’s services and products.
Communicate that understanding through formal copywriting, official product demonstrations, and ad-hoc conversations.
Ability to quickly grasp a broad range of complex topics and communicate them both internally (to the team) and externally (to new customers).
Understand and work in line with company standards and procedures.
Have curiosity to develop a good understanding about the needs of the different industries within the market and identify potential business opportunities.
Be enthusiastic about and able to build relationships with individuals from various different backgrounds and cultures.
Represent the company as the first level of contact for potential clients and commit to a high level of service.
Be comfortable with working individually as well as collaborate closely with the Production Management Team in order to understand what is technically feasible and Account Management to better understand current client relationships.

Who are we?
We’re Fintonium, we’re a rapidly growing startup, building cutting edge investment software for the finance industry. We’re a dynamic, fun and friendly team – we work hard, but we reward and recognise contributions. Our working environment is ambitious, creative, collaborative and passionate.

We are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to build software that has a real impact for our users. We build incredibly high quality software, no shortcuts. We solve interesting problems with large sets of real-time data and displaying that data in complex visualisations, and are constantly evolving the way that our users interact with their financial data.

We invest in our people. We recognise that we are only as good as our team and so we’re looking to hire the best of the best. In turn, you will get to work in a supportive environment with other people who are excellent at what they do.

You will be working with   Founder and Management


Equity part is negotiable.

Salary range / month :  Negotiable

WHubber factors

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Flexible Role and Responsibility

Impact on Society


Flexible hours

Flexible location

Created on: 2020/01/04

This job has expired.

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