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At FinFabrik we are passionate about defining, building and implementing solutions. We believe that every step in this process starts with people. Those who are doing the work are not merely cogs: they deliver value to improve your customer experience. Technology is an enabler to enhance this experience or make your business more scalable and profitable.

Every aspiration is a journey and it requires capable and trustworthy partners to make it a reality. We want to be your partner for your next ambitions. We are combining deep experience with simplicity and clarity, delivering value and solutions fast, improving upon them iteratively and continuously. We are there every step of the way - and beyond.

FinFabrik is a FinTech Solutions Builder.

FinFabrik provides strategic advice as well as connected modular technology to both incumbents and startups in Financial Services. Already available proprietary products include BrokerFabrik, a brokerage Software-as-a-Service platform bringing the latest technology to traditional stock brokers.

FinFabrik’s vision is to establish the Fabric, a common connector between FinServ and FinTech that allows participants to join forces and flexibly combine products, in effect creating compelling service bundles for clients.

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    If you're not passionate about what you do, don't even bother
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