An interactive platform supporting innovative and sustainable brands

We believe that every sustainable brands with a great potential and a good base of followers should have the same opportunities as any other large scale brands but at reasonable costs

- we help sustainable brands having visibility and sales with a dedicated shop on our B2C Marketplace
- we created a B2B platform on Blockchain to help source sustainable garment in a secure environment and to prove the provenance of their products

Sustainable fashion is increasing but brands are still facing some challenges
We help brands to:
- get more visibility and gain more sales through our B2C Marketplace
- collaborate with other brands and artists on our B2B platform
- source sustainable garment on B2B platform
- Prove the Provenance of their Products to end customers questioning their sustainable approach

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    Herve Kozikla
    Co-Founder & CEO
    Born and raised in Paris, Herve had the chance to grow in a multicultural environment thanks to his friends and family. Before graduating from Un... Read More
  • Lassaad
    Lassaad Ismail
    Co-Founder & CTO
    Born in Tunisia, Lassaad arrived in France at the age of 18 to pursue his studies in Computer Science in Paris. Graduated from ENS Telecom Paris, ... Read More