Fashionable Futures

Making an impact on the future of fashion
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We are committed to positively impacting the environment, through our responsible practices and innovations. We consider Sustainability as a core component of how we do Business.  We will partner with our customers to enable their journey to a Sustainable future.

We are strong believers of a conscious capitalism, having a strong bottom line while making an impact.

At FASHIONABLE FUTURES we work with Fashion Brands and Manufacturers to create extraordinary, sustainable futures through our unique, customized strategies and focus.

We are committed to making an impact on the future of fashion by bringing new possibilities to Brands and Manufacturers, through Business growth, Client acquisition, Innovation and Sustainability. We are constantly being introduced to new opportunities which can provide amazing synergies for our Clients.

  • Golden girl
    Kate Padget-Koh
    Founder and Partner
    Kate Padget-Koh a Founder & Consultant, Industry Expert in Fashion, Sustainability and Supply Chain. Creating Strategies and Solutions with Bra... Read More
  • Kanchan porta panjabi
    Kanch Porta-Panjabi
    Kanch Porta Panjabi, a Founder and Entrepreneur. She works with Brands to build a Sustainable Business through strategy and focus.