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Discover a new way to manage your day

How can we better deal with the complexity of modern life? With technology and other factors continually increasing the demand on our attention and brain capacity, how can we gain back control?

After what seemed like an endless search for the right tool/ system (both digital and analog), Faden was born. The goal was to create a tool that is easy to use, scales well, and does not require a rigid system to follow.

Faden combines the proven benefits of writing down notes in journal form with a powerful hierarchical task management engine. The result is what we like to call "contextual journaling". Instead of just putting notes into one app and tasks to another, you can link them in one place with dynamic grouping and instant search.

Faden is built to stay in the background. The UI is highly minimalist. While the Faden user interface and approach to journaling notes is rather unique, many aspects of Faden took inspiration from long-time proven system and techniques, like Getting Things Done (TM) or The Bullet Journal (TM).

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    Christian Heine
    Founder/ CEO
    Before founding Faden, Christian worked as a Vice President IT for a German multinational manufacturing company, where he was in charge of teams in... Read More