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Community, Connections and Context... Let's get your story straight.
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Growing company and users!

Everyone has got a story worth listening too. However, many brands, entrepreneurs and startups need help in communicating their stories.

The digital world evolves every minute and so do our attention spans. Every micro-second counts, and F+W wants to make connections and weave communities from them...

In 2015, Charlotte Z. Fernandez & Elisa Wong founded the Brand Agency F+W. We’re focused on community and connections but all in the right context. Not only do you have to get your story straight, you have to know who you’re telling it to.

We’ll help you cut through the blur and stay current or pull you out of your startup tunnel vision, because deep down, everyone’s got a story worth listening to.

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  • Czfernandez sq
    Charlotte Z. Fernandez
    Originally from Guam, Charlotte comes from California, divides her time between Hong Kong and Los Angeles, living and working as a brand strategist... Read More
  • Elisa wong
    Elisa Wong
    She is a seasoned and very well-rounded marketing professional that focuses on brand development and integrated marketing, helping companies bridge... Read More