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World's first personal media cloud built for families photos & entertainment
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Ashok Jaiswal & Ariane Li are founders and married couple, both have double masters that includes computers, economics, managements and law. They have 3 years old daughter and all her photos, videos since birth mount into thousands. Frustrated managing these photos and other entertainment content, they decided to solve this problem for themselves and other families.

Our founders do not have any experience in manufacturing however their determination did not stop them into building this product and company around this product. They both learnt to crowd fund the project, worked with factories, raised capitals, hired key team players and brought their idea to success and already delivered products making thousands of families happier worldwide.

EzeeCube is world's first expandable hardware built on patented design to let users
wirelessly backup their movies, music and photos from their phones, computers, hard
drives etc. It lets users to simply stack a blu-ray drive and let them save all their old DVDs/Music CDs to built in storage, add more storage by stacking a storage add-on
Funded on Indiegogo last year, shipped over 200 units worldwide, EzeeCube
technology was widely covered by all major blogs globally. It directly connects to the
TV and presents very intuitive user interface that anyone in the family can operate via
TV remote.
EzeeCube is the only device in the market that helps families declutter their living room
by combining traditional TV program, online streaming entertainment, DVD
player, photo/video backup and expandable design offers room for future technology.
EzeeCube hardware is built from ground up to offer very simple, wire free setup and
runs customised softwares that connects to all family members smart phones, tablets,
computers and multiple TVs in the house. Patented software algorithm automatically
find duplicate content, builds a beautiful library of movies, music, photos that
anyone in the family can enjoy on their own smart phones or together on any TVs in the

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    Ashok Jaiswal
    Founder & System Architect
    As system architect, responsible for design and development of multimedia content management device called EzeeCube. EzeeCube is an open source, A... Read More