EyesOn Inc.

KOL haring economy platform in Greater China to work on demand and monetize their marketing power through ecommerce
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Work on demand platform to solve Influencers pain points:

1. Lack of choice
• Influencers have to wait to be approached by brands to promote products that they may not personaly like or do not suit their fan base.
• This results in poor sales performance and loss of fan following and credibility.

2. Bad timing
• Influencers have busy schedules and are often approached by brands when they are not available.
• This results in loss of monetization opportunity.

3. Inconvenient
• Influencers have to negotiate individually with each brand over the scope of the work and the sales process.
• Influencers who source products to sell have to deal with operations and supply chain issues.

4. Cost prohibitive
• Influencers who source products to sell are reqired to purchase inventory, subjecting them to inventory risk.

5. Agency fees
• Influencers who join an agency or hire agents pay up to 50% of their marketing fees as commission.

6. Not open to SMIs with <100K fans
• Agents/brands do not work with influencers with smaller fan base, leaving upstart SMIs without income.
• Data shows marketing ROI for high fan number influencers is similar to influencers with smaller fan number.

EyesOn aims to provide a sharing economy work-on-demand based platform that automatically matches influencers with brands they like so influencers have the freedom to choose pre-selected brands at a click of a button. This solution is superior to current agency or influencer incubator startups that only work with a small segment of influencers with high fan numbers. These startups take high commission off marketing fees and does not allow them to work-on-demand. EyesOn provides the following features to solve influencer pains:

1. Automated Matching
• Based on data provided by social media platforms on influencers’ fan demographic and post engagement KPIs, EyesOn is able to derive sales KPIs (% sales conversion, % CAC, marketing ROI) after correlation with product prices and influencer marketing fee.
• EyesOn automatically matches brands and influencers that yields the highest sales KPIs.

2. Standardized process to promote wide range of products
• EyesOn ecommerce platform will sell a wide range of fashion consumer products that are optimized for online sales and suitable for influencer marketing.
• Standardized stream-lined process for influencers to promote a wider range of products.

3. Free service for influencers
• EyesOn provides service to influencers free of charge, unlike influencer agency model that takes % commission off the marketing fee. Brands pay influencer marketing fee.
• EyesOn takes 15% commission off sales revenue from sales campaigns payable by the brands. Brands enjoy 60% av. gross margins as their av. COGS is 10% of RRP.

4. Work-on-Demand
• Stream-lined process that provides pre-approved marketing opportunities to influencers to work-on-demand. Influencers never run out of sales campaigns to promote!
• Open to all influencers, giving influencers with small fan numbers (consisting of 60% of the supply of influencers) a way to monetize their celebrity.

5. Big data to optimize sales conversion & marketing ROI
• EyesOn runs influencer sales campaigns that yield on av. 250% marketing ROI (net COGS), with 20% Cost of Acquiring Conversion (marketing cost as a % of sales revenue).
• Sales KPIs will be continuously optimized with data from more sales campaigns that will enhance brand and influencer matching.