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With years of experience in high- profiled data projects, we come up with our own cloud solution - Hummingbird Analytics
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Hummingbird Analytics is a knowledge- driven data analytics platform that is more than just your Personal BI Assistant. Powered by Big Data, Machine Learning and AI Technologies, Hummingbird Analytics offers a QUICK-WIN and plug-n-play solution to help your company access your data and get actionable insights in a timely manner. Being a fast and adaptive solution, Hummingbird Analytics enables companies to leverage real-time insights to make informed business decisions.

(1) Provide Single Source of Truth

All the users will have access to the same datasets built in Hummingbird Analytics Platform, which reduces discrepancy in reports generated by different business departments or divisions.

(2) No More Data Silo

Data can be collected from various source systems, like POS, ERP, CRM, WMS, Accounting and E-Commerce. All the data uploaded to Hummingbird Analytics Platform will be stored, validated and organized to provide easy access to business users.

(3) Easy Access to the Data

Data, KPIs and measures are organized within Hummingbird Analytics Platform. This makes it simple for business users to consume their data with confidence that the same business rules will be applied no matter what reports or dashboards are used.

(4) Fast to Build Reports & Dashboards

Save 50-80% of your time wasted in collecting, massaging and cleansing data manually. Concentrate on how to make your business more PROFITABLE!

(5) No More Excel Jungle

Say bye to the Excel Jungle. All business users have access to whatever data they need whenever they need it. Everyone is using the same data source now.

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