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100% plastic-free single-use items – starting with drinking straws made of coconut, grass, rice and sugarcane.
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We are an all-Vietnamese founding team with experience launching and marketing some of the biggest brands in the world. We are passionate about providing viable and accessible eco-friendly solutions to the world.

What drives our team:
- Plastic & paper alternatives are still terrible for the environment, and their quality isn’t great! ‘I love soggy straws’, said NO ONE EVER.
- We understand that some people simply don’t have a choice to not use straws because of medical reasons, so they need a real, viable alternative.
- We want to save people the horrors of having to feel like a 3-year old again, using sippy cup lids and spilling everywhere; its just not a good look for anyone! Also turns out, they use more plastic!
- We understand the time it takes sometimes to get ready in the morning, and the last thing anyone wants to do is have that ruined by having to go full contact on sippy lids or cups!
- There are massive amounts of plastic and garbage in the forests, oceans, beaches, sidewalk... We don’t want to see what would otherwise be beautiful environments, destroyed by pollution.
- For our future generations; our daughters and sons, nieces and nephews. We want them to see and experience our hometowns the way we did, and give them a chance to see a better Earth. We want to leave our world in a better state than when we entered.
- We want to help create jobs for local farming communities just like where our parents grew up and we want to change the way people think about Vietnam – it’s not a third-world war-torn country – it’s a place of great innovation, efficiency, resourcefulness, talent – and we want to show that to the world and help put Vietnam on the global stage at the forefront of sustainability.

Problem: Soggy straws, spilling sippy cups, millions of tonnes of plastic waste polluting the earth, government bans on single-use plastics.

Our Solution: Plastic-free solutions that allow you to continue an uncompromising lifestyle and comfort at no extra burden to the world, and alternatives that lift both care for the world and the positive feel-good factor of consumers. We at EQUO don't force you to use one material which has limitations in colors, size, use or disposability. We don't ask you to learn or change your actions or behavior. We want you to continue going about your day - except in a way that is better for the environment. Easy no brainer switches so simple, you may not even notice them - even though Mother Earth does.

What makes us special:
- HIGH-QUALITY - Strict manufacturing, quality assurance and quality control standards for trusted, exceptional products.
- LOCAL SUPPORT - Our products are sourced from regions that support local farming initiatives. We strive to support the community as much as we do mother nature.
- VARIETY - Our products are made of a large variety of materials, for different uses, behaviors and preferences.
- ON-THE-GROUND - We’re on the ground at the source of manufacturing working directly with partners to hit the market, innovate and problem solve faster than our long-distance competition.
- CIRCULAR ECONOMY - All our products maximize existing natural resources and byproducts to minimize waste. They leave the earth as naturally as they came in.
- EASY, NO BRAINER SOLUTIONS - Our products are so easy to switch to, you may not notice the difference. No need to compromise your lifestyle, convenience or comfort to adopt an eco-friendly alternative.
- VISION: MASS ADOPTION - We want to build the future– sustainable solutions that are affordable and accessible on a mass scale to become permanent replacements for single-use plastic.
- LONG-TERM BRAND BUILDING - We’re not trying to compete as a no-name OEM supplier. We’re building a trusted brand with equity that’s meant to stand for something and be around for the long-term.
- EXCLUSIVE SUPPLY - Through strong relationship building and innovation collaboration, we have obtained exclusivity and agreements to unique and one-of-a-kind proprietary products.
- EXPERIENCED TEAM - We have a world class team behind the brand that knows how to build, launch and market. We may be a purpose-led business, but we know how to balance business and profits with sustainability.

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    Marina Tran-Vu
    Founder & CEO
    10+ years of brand management and marketing experience at global companies including Unilever, Bacardi, Spin Master & LG Electronics. Finalist ... Read More