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Epona Biotec - Speaking up for the health of your animals.
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Epona Biotec offers an easy to use monitoring system for veterinary professionals.

It is based on our own medical research and field testing. We put ease of use and reliability before all else, providing an early warning system for the health of animals.

  • Dr Michael J Hurley
    Chief Scientist and medical lead on Epona Biotec. Michael is an international equine veterinary surgeon with 25 years experience. He graduated from... Read More
  • Adrian Poon
    Product Development lead on Epona Biotec. Adrian is a UK qualified Architect with 8 years multidisciplinary design experience. He has project exper... Read More
  • Rick Stoelinga
    With 15 years of experience directing teams in design and development roles, and experience as systems architect, Rick is ideal for being the Techn... Read More