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Despite being one of the best income returning industry, network marketing is still in the grey shade. Epixel MLM Software is developed to bring the network marketing industry out of the grey shade. With the help of the latest technologies such as AI, BI, and blockchain inbuilt in the software, fraudulent activities can be detected and eliminated. We believe that a powerful software system can bring trust and transparency to the business.

Epixel MLM Software provides revolutionary software solutions to run your direct selling and MLM business. It is incorporated with futuristic technologies like blockchain, AI, and BI tools. Many more tools and features to increase the revenue are also set up in this easy to use platform.

Epixel offers innovative and top-notch features and tools to let every business experience premium services. Some of these tools are multi-wallets, order management, intelligent report generation, payout compression, customer resource management (CRM), replicated websites, e-commerce integration, auto-ship, etc. The intelligent data-driven tools in Epixel’s back-office system are developed specifically to give informed business insights. With these tools, the decision-makers are able to understand how the business is performing and make business decisions according to it. Few world-class features are provided solely for distributors, helping them to bring in more sales and customers. The features include tools to simplify the new member onboarding process, genealogy tree structure to manage the team network, training platform to understand business plans, and tools to collaborate with the team. The advanced and state of the art features and functionalities such as configurable compensation calculator, bitcoin integration, customer relationship management, smart distributor management tools, internationalization tools, multilingual dashboard, and many more are supported in Epixel MLM Software.

Customer relationship management tools are essential in every multi-level marketing business and Epixel provides cutting edge tools to easily manage your customers and distributors in the network. CRM tools integrated with the Epixel system allow businesses to identify potential customers, target them, and keep track of them for maximum returns. E-commerce integration, CRM system integration, Lead capturing, Lead workflow management, interactive video integrations, Blockchain-based DApps integrations, Cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and ERC tokens are the integrations we provide to ensure a well-organized back-office platform.

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