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From brand vision to market reality, we ensure our inter-disciplinary expertise is used where it matters. Whether brand revamp or product launch, we deliver solutions fully tailored to our clients’ business.

Initially founded by Swiss+German designers Roger Kellenberger and Stefan Ripperger, the nimble team of 5 plus a global network of freelance designers unite expertise in industrial design, color-material-finish development (CMF), manufacturing technologies, graphic design, packaging, design development for websites as well as digital work (app design, interface design).

We develop game-changing product designs and iconically readying brands for European, Asian and American markets. Understanding the context in which design exists, we leverage relevance and user-centricity of our design work. Knee-deep in design sketches we always work hands-on and hand-in-hand with clients.

  • Roger Kellenberger
    Co-founder, Managing partner - Head of Product Design
  • Stefan Ripperger
    Co-founder, Managing Partner - Head of Visual Communication & Brand Marketing