Energybox Limited

Energybox creates leading edge IoT solutions in a fully-vertically integrated SaaS platform.
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Energybox Ltd. is a global innovative IoT automation company with an inspiring purpose, mission and values. We attract competent people that relate to and want to live up to our purpose, mission and values feeling that their job matters. We are a full stack organization developing Hardware, Software and Dataware systems and solutions.

Our Purpose, Mission and Values are:

Energybox Purpose: Improve people’s lives and the environment through AI and automation

Energybox Mission: Simplify our customer’s operations with insights and automation

Energybox Values: People, Simplicity, Customer Delight, Passion, Sustainability

With sensors that monitor temperature, humidity, access, energy use and more; a patented cloud-based platform; and business-intelligence software; Our solutions and software track equipment and facilities across multiple locations in real time, so our customers can improve efficiency, save money, mitigate risk and put valuable resources to better use.

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