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Employment verification is the most difficult part of a pre-employment background check. Traditionally, the hiring manager conduct verification by checking with the previous employer, but it does not work in a number of circumstances.

Chances are that the previous employers cannot be reached or have gone out of business. Some employers might be reluctant to respond, or fail to advise timely.

With EmployProof.org, every employee can create a timestamp using his/ her work email, and the timestamp can serve as an employment proof to potential employers.

EmployProof.org provides the industry's first employee-based solution to employment verification. Email authentication ensures that the timestamp is created by an employee having an active email account with the employer. The creation time (month and year) is automatically generated on each timestamp. Therefore, the timestamp serves as a proof of employment at that time.

Benfits of using EmployProof.org:
1. Employees no longer need to worry that their employment stints might become unverifiable in the future.
2. Potential employers can check the timestamp by searching the same email address in EmployProof.org. Employment verification becomes fast and accurate.
3. From the previous employers' perspective, it will relieve their HR teams from handling the time-consuming employment verification requests.

  • Ken Chan
    Project Director at Personnel Screening Helpdesk Limited