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Have you watched the movie Her? Are you a big fan of Star Trek? As an engineer, have you ever aspired to dazzle the world by building a Samantha or Data for everyone in the world? If your answer is yes, EMOS is then the place that can help you realize your aspiration.
EMOS combines the strengths of deep AI research and commercialization of its founders to provide disruptive technology in interactive AI systems for the global market.
EMOS founders are veterans of AI research and premier consumer electronic makers in the international arena, coming from the former AT&T Bell Labs, Tencent, and Chinese internet and consumer electronic companies. We have been featured in Wall Street Journal, Scientific American, Wired Magazine, among others.
We develop world-leading multichannel dialog technology that enables brands to connect with their consumers through one-on-one conversations, using text, voice or video. Our unique interactive dialog systems harness the power of emotion and sentiment recognition, speech recognition and natural language understanding to offer rich and meaningful experiences to consumers.

EMOS is an AI company based in Hong Kong Science Park. We work on various interesting projects that enable machines to feel human emotions and empathy. Some of our recent projects include:
• Spoken Language Understanding
• Automatic Speech Recognition
• Emotion Recognition, Stress Detection, Personality Recognition
• Zara - A virtual interviewer equipped with in-depth natural language understanding for effective user interaction (https://zara.emos.ai)
• Emi - A virtual assistant that can provide music recommendations based on users’ preferences and mood (www.mymoodbox.com)
• Nora - A virtual therapist that can converse with you to detect your stress levels and guide you through breathing exercises to lower your stress levels (https://nora.emos.ai)