Enabling trust in the digital identity of people, things and any objects.
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EmerTech is an innovative technology enabler with a variety of products and services, which allows retailers and consumers to engage with each other in the digital space in a more secure manner. Our company has a strong focus on decentralisation and open-source coding and we leverage on our deep expertise of the distributed ledger technologies and eco-system of various blockchains, to deliver a range of tamperproof solutions to identify people, things and any objects.

EmerTech is a member company of the Incu-App Programme, HKSTP (Hong Kong Science & Technology Park). [網動科技培育計劃]之培育公司

One of the fundamental questions of our time has become "How to solve the issue of trust in the problem of digital identity?". We solved it and created a core platform and set of APIs that bridge the gap between the physical and the digital world.

We offer innovative B2B and B2C solutions for proof of authorship, anti-counterfeit systems, password and digital assets management, security and backup. By enabling trusted digital identification of people, products and objects, our approach is becoming a game changer for art dealers and owners, auction houses, luxury brands, content authors, legal firms, administrations, manufacturers, financial institutions, OEM, software developers, and many more.

Our products and services run primarily on the Emercoin blockchain (with support of other blockchains too) as we believe that the flexibility, reliability, and security provided by Emercoin, allow us to implement innovative technical solutions that can become a game changer for many industries. For example, the unique Name-Value Storage (NVS) concept, while simple in principle, is a very powerful way to store data within the blockchain and create truly distributed services, and sits behind a number of our innovations.

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