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This start-up, in short, aims to bridge the high school/secondary school students in Hong Kong who are interested in applying to top schools Hong Kong. We aim to provide full service assisting them through the application process, school selections and strategies, and advice on how to be a better candidate.

In Hong Kong, there are too many study abroad agents who are just trying to earn money. They have a big conflict of interest with the schools they recommended to students as many have private connections or they can earn a high amount of commission if they refer a student to the college successfully. As a graduate of UC Berkeley and a graduate student at Cambridge University, I aim to provide a real study abroad consulting service to those students who want to go to top schools abroad like Ivy League in the US and Oxbridge in the UK. While many agents actually lack the actual experience of going to those colleges, there are no better ways to consult someone who has actually been through those competitive admission processes.

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    Jonathan Ngan
    Graduate student at Cambridge University
    Tired of a traditional pathway of going straight to investment banking or financial services. Life is too short to go to a boring industry. Not com... Read More