Electric Soul Limited

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Electric Soul is an event-centric mobile application for the Dance Music Community. A one stop shop to provide comprehensive information on the latest events and festivals.

Providing a comprehensive event feed covering underground club performances to large-scale music festivals, Electric Soul keeps music lovers in touch with the world-renowned as well as the up-and-coming music artists from Asia to America.

Purchase your event ticket through the app, PLUR with your friends, and post a photo so you can remember the moment long after the music fades away.

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    Christina Tang
    Christina Tang founded Electric Soul, a dance music platform that connects music lovers and allows them to share experiences at festivals and conce... Read More
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    Anson Madison Ma
    Content Coordinator
    Anson is a young, independent and creative fresh graduates from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and currently pursuing a career in social medi... Read More
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    Ashleigh Kaitlyn Ho
    Social Media Coordinator
    Graduate from McGill University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts, majoring in Psychology and Sociology, with experience as a Social Media Coordinat... Read More
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    Summer Roddick
    Relationship Manager
    A dash of innovation, a pinch of inspiration and a shot of espresso. I am a highly motivated English Literature graduate with an aptitude for probl... Read More