EHDA - Euler Hermes Digital Agency

Designing the future of B2B commerce and trade finance

Euler Hermes Digital Agency is not just an awesome InsurTech startup within a large corporate in a regulated industry. It is also a cool team on a mission to design the future of B2B commerce in Europe, the US and Asia, powered by AI and disruptive insurance business models.

The EHDA mission is to incubate breakthrough ideas in B2B commerce to better serve customers, cultivate a digital culture and quickly create new disruptive fintech products.

EH Digital Agency is reinventing Trade Finance, allowing B2B marketplaces, Supply Chain Finance businesses, and Alternative Lenders to manage their credit risk in the best possible way. 

Digital Agency teams use data mining, machine learning and advanced algorithms to create and test client solutions for better risk and marketing decisions. They and their partners focus on extremely scalable credit risk technologies and services by fast tracking ideas into experiments and new products, many designed to serve startups in alternative finance and FinTech.

Innovation, Insurance, Trade Finance, B2B, blockchain, machine learning, marketplaces, credit risk, digital, factoring, SCF, SME, and big data

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    Christophe Spoerry
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    Louis Carbonnier
    Head of Digital Agency