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Effro is building an evolution in the events industry, with the current foundation building up an events marketplace. Effro consolidates the fragmented events industry by gathering events talents, celebrities, vendors, venues and organisers onto a single online platform. This solves the event’s industry quest for immediate and easily accessible information such as availability, budget and trust of seller’s knowledge. The consolidation of the events industry onto a platform, allows us to track accurate offline data islandwide by tracking the who, what, when. Thus setting the foundation for our ultimate goal.

Effro aims to solve the events industry’s biggest problem, the lack of knowledge and the scarcity of information that prevents anyone to organise their own event. As we mature in the age of information transiting into age of attention, Effro aims to consolidate this data and sort out the information allowing users to interact with Artificial Intelligent (AI) which will assist in creating event solutions with backed up data collected instead of entering the industry blindy, without knowing what will work and what wouldnt. Effro’s AI will be able to recommend consumers the suitable venues, support required, types of talents and acts ensuring that the objectives of your event are met. The HR or Marketing in charge will only be required to enter key information such as number of attendees, demographic details of audience, the language spoken and culture background.

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    Adam Tan
    Go getter, problem-solver and challenger of status quo. 10 years of performing experience and one of the pioneer of guerrilla marketing in Singapore.
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    Chloe Oh
    Community Manager
    5 years of EXP in events, talent management and guerrilla marketing
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    Germaine Zhuang
    Project Manager
    8 years of EXP in the nightlife events industry.