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Every party host knows that they can spend as much as 2 months planning parties in this town. Tiresome and stressful responsibilities include selecting from a limited range of cookie cutter invitation cards, to hand-writing them, to sourcing equipment or entertainers, to arranging caterers, to finding and buying knick knacks for goody bags, not to mention stuffing them to name a few.

Taking the pain out of party planning Eezy Peezy Parties gives its time poor customers an opportunity to plan quick, inexpensive last minute soirees, to large, well thought-out, themed celebrations with Hong Kong’s largest selection of party supplies. The platform offers everything on one consolidated website providing the customer variety, functionality, and most importantly, saving them TIME.

• Eezy Peezy Parties is the first of its kind in HK (and the world as far as we can see)
• Eezy Peezy Parties saves customers time
• Eezy Peezy Parties saves customers money
• Eezy Peezy Parties offers the largest selection of party supplies in HK
• Eezy Peezy Parties is the only aggregate site for Party Merchants in HK
• Eezy Peezy Parties is the only fully interactive website that allows hosts to plan an event in under an hour with a few simple clicks of a mouse without leaving their tablet, phone or computer.

Eezy Peezy Parties is Hong Kong’s FIRST and ONLY start-to-finish online party planning solution. The platform offers time-poor hosts a full DIY solution to organizing parties and events. The web-based business brings together every conceivable function required for stress-free party planning. Any host can plan any sort of soiree from a small dinner party, to an informal wedding, to birthday party to a baby shower, without leaving their tablet, phone or computer. The platform has taken into consideration all of the pitfalls Hong Kong presents when arranging an event.

Eezy Peezy Parties needs to expand. With many opportunities in the market, we are looking for talent and equity partners to expand in order to fully capitalise on this rapidly expanding space.

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    Eezy Peezy Parties is the brainchild of Christine Smith-Mann a time-challenged Hong Kong-based PR and events veteran of over 20 years, and also a m... Read More