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☕ eCup is a mobile platform for local coffee shops in Hong Kong. We help small coffee shop improve the digital experience of their customers.

💡 We have launched our service in Hong Kong since Nov 2018. Our mission is to digitalise the entire coffee ordering journey and at the same time promote coffee culture in different age groups.

📱 In eCup, user can explore coffee shops nearby and navigate menu of individual café. Ordering and digital payments are supported plus its digital stamps feature designed specifically for coffee lovers. From café owners’ perspective, eCup is an O2O platform which not just simply for increment of customer base and sales, reducing staff workload on payments, but also assist them with the unique CRM features on customer engagement such as VIP, gift and push notification service.

🚀 Up to end 2019, eCup has around 80 partnered coffee shops, which is around 25 percent market share of individual café in Hong Kong. We have 15,000 users and have sold 50,000 cups of coffee.

As a coffee shop owner, below maybe some of your concerns?
1. Not easy to attract younger customer?
2. No way to make your customers visit more?
3. Too costly to improve service by technology?

eCup provides mobile pre-ordering, e-payment, e-stamps, top-up, e-wallet and other digital services.

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