We guide, reward and connect users to sustainable solutions.

I had an amazing opportunity to present my idea in a global startup event in the field of a sustainable revolution. Our journey begin at a TechStars startup weekend for a circular economy.I was lucky to get a passionate and driven team, which lead us to win the local Hong Kong event. We then went on to be in the finalists across the globe and won the incubation with bridge for billions. I am grateful for this opportunity to make a positive difference in the world. We aim to develop a platform that guides society to sustainability and rewards them for their efforts. We connect people to sustainable solutions.

EcoFoote is a sustainable system that uses lifestyle based information to express environmental impact. We interactively track your impact through diet, waste, consumption, energy and transportation. Thereafter, we guide you on how you can reduce your impact through certain tasks that allows you to earn points. Through every completed task, you are rewarded for your efforts. You can reduce your impact in a number of ways, such as adapting your diet, reducing electricity consumption, reducing water usage, recycling, using public transport over private, these are to name a few of the solutions EcoFoote makes use of this to guide you to a more sustainable lifestyle.

We are trying to solve the negative systematic impact of society on the environment.

The current global crisis is being exacerbated by the lack of response of governments and people. Although, there has already been a shift towards more sustainable practices that will only become more prevalent. This problem will not go away any time soon and the urgency of the problem is increasing every day, thus there is a drastic need for mitigation and adaptation.

Popular and Growing:
There is an increasing movement of both businesses and people into sustainability. There has been divestment from fossil fuels and into greener more sustainable technology. This shift is increasing everyday as environmental pressures are becoming more urgent everyday.

We are now starting to see the expense of climate change, from natural disasters to rising sea levels. The cost of not acting against the climate crisis far outweighs the prevention of the problem. Therefore, now is the best time to implement a sustainable business in a rapidly growing market and people are willing to put money into ideas that will prevent environmental destruction. Many countries have now implemented a carbon trading scheme which will prove to be costly for unsustainable businesses, thus if there are alternatives to reduce their impact and their cost this presents an opportunity.

195 Countries have signed the Paris Agreement, which makes it mandatory to take action against the climate crisis and solving the SDG’s. There is no legally binding document that urges these changes, but the pressure on countries to act against these problems will become increasingly important. Some countries have already begun the shift to reduce their impact by banning plastic bags, New Zealand being the most recent example.

This problem will not go away quickly. We will be in the fight to reduce our environmental impact for the next 50-100 years depending on how quickly we choose to address the issue. It is a topic that more and more people are starting to consider and talk about and the frequency of this will only increase with the exacerbation of the problem.

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