Eclow brings clarity and structure to your information to unlock growth potential and enhance your capabilities.

I am passionate about improvements in general, and, no matter the situation or topic, will find satisfaction in “making it better”. Bringing clarity has become my preferred endeavour, and founding ECLOW is an important milestone in my vision and journey.

My mission is to bring structure and clarity to your information and organisation, bringing clarity to avoid confusion, procrastination, and optimise workflows to prevent work duplication, task repetitions.

Let's make your tasks more manageable and save some valuable time!

1. Visualise
You would like to create a project or a new business, you’ve got the ideas, but you don’t know where to start. You need some structure and a full picture of your mental model in order to define the best direction and an execution plan to bring it to life. This is the opportunity to establish your visual identity and deliver consistency.

2. Order
Your business is already established and performing well. However you feel there are some particular areas that require focus as they are too costly, wasteful or take up too much time and resources. You need to bring some order to simplify the path of action to reach your goals, making the completion of each task more effective.

3. Enhance
Your business is already established and you would like to take it to the next level, but without investing in new resources. You need to identify those areas that could be optimised to get more out of your current capabilities, freeing up valuable time to allow you to focus on enhancing and growing your business.

  • Olivier Millier
    Designer - Information architect
    Throughout a successful career in product and brand identity design, Olivier demonstrated a particular affinity for optimising work structures arou... Read More