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Echouse home Yi Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, in 2016 became Hong Kong Branch Campus " Network Dynamic Technology Business Incubation Programme members " . Headquartered at the Science Park Enterprise Place, 3rd Floor, Room 308-313.

Our aim is to provide a one-stop Hong Kong to buy property rentals matching service, buy a flat to rent from the floor to the interior design, decoration, furniture and even purchase, etc. can be done directly in the platform, and get more market Newsletter.

Integrated platform in Hong Kong real estate, overseas real estate, office buildings, industrial buildings, shops, parking and real estate news platform, also provides home services such as interior design, decoration, transportation, furniture, lighting, and other information.

In addition, the platform provides real estate agents, real estate companies and decoration company members' rating system allows members to maintain the high quality of published information and enhance interactivity, provide better quality services to the people of Hong Kong and users., providing Hong Kong residential, office buildings, industrial buildings, shops, parking, real estate rental, sale advertiser and interior design, decoration, home services information browse search service. We providing customers with one-stop service.

Shooting technique:

We use 4K high-definition panoramic photography, to create the ultimate 3D senses;
use the latest VR technology, customers can stay at home and watch the latest real estate person case demonstration of interior design;
While eliminating tedious Lawton, real-life experience in front of every instant;

Solve the problem:

VR technology for the real estate sector and interior design, fully integrated into the customer as this is really like magic screen which, the image will move with the head, like exposure to the real feeling of the house. We in Hong Kong and overseas real estate, uncompleted, demonstration units and interior design company decoration case, in the form of VR to target immediate customers.

Longer without geographical restrictions, but also to save time to visit different real estate has mastered the latest information, breaking the traditional real estate platform can only look at several photos online through understanding of the situation.

The brokerage , real estate companies or companies can use design platform capabilities directly target customer, the customer whether home or office security, are able to instantly see all Member placements and real estate cases, every minute for members bring tremendous business opportunities.

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