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A one-stop digital platform powered by artificial intelligence for business stakeholders to reduce productivity wastage.
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I left my last corporate job as a VP of a Singapore based Private Bank back in 2017 at the peak of my career, many of my closest friends thought I was going through some sort of personal crisis. In reality, I was frustrated by the rat race and wanted to achieve a personal breakthrough. I spent the first year couchsurfing across various parts of North-America with the intention of learning and discovering business ventures, while making small investments in the few that I found interesting. As I accumulated venture knowledge and risk tolerance, mostly through trying and failing, I found that on average founders used at least 5 different softwares to take care of basic business needs, and spent up to 2/3 of their working hours preparing for fund raise rather than actual business building.

Investors (in particular angel investors) and advisors at large relied mostly on financial records and trust towards the founders, limited by visual decks, guesses and projections provided to them. In short, the entire fund-raising process between investors and startups is still mostly dependent on human relationship and traditional financial accounting records. As much as investors strive and aim for tech innovation, venture building support as a business is still highly dependent on human capital.

The EAT Launchpad was built as a PaaS to help solve for these visibility and scale issues, so project teams, funders and experts (consultants, advisors, mentors and service providers) can focus on their true craft.

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