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Easycare becomes the No. 1 healthcare professional’s market place in Asia.

Easycare’s mission is to provide reliable care services to the family and increase the life quality of the households.
People use Easycare to find reliable healthcare and homecare professionals to take care of their family and friends when they need help, where people can enjoy their life, instead of just living.

With ever rising ageing pressure in Asia population and hectic lifestyle, it is getting harder and harder to achieve work life balance, especially when any family member gets sick. Finding a reliable, affordable and available caregiver in short notice is extremely challenging since the current market players are mainly operating by offline with intensive manual work. And usually the traditional agents usually take 1-2 days to response and have limited information of the caregiver for decision making, which results in bad user experience. On the other hands, for caregivers, many of them cannot commit to full time employment due to various reasons such as scatter hours and location limitation. The care service market is not transparent.

Easycare is a one-stop platform that connects healthcare care receivers and caregivers. It is an online marketplace with matching, scheduling, payment and call center services to provide a standard service to care receivers. The one-stop platform provides reliable and affordable healthcare services to households with flexibility and standard pricing. Both sides of clients can access to information that is critical to their needs.

Caregivers benefit from more transparent and aggregated demand. This results in less unutilized capacity and therefore higher earnings. And care-receivers can book qualified healthcare services as easy as booking air-tickets - with preferred service type, location and time. It is a 2 ways solution to tackle the pain for both sides.

  • Ava Lui
    Co-Founder and CEO
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    Co-Founder and CFO
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    Chief Marketing Officer
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