Easy Bacchus

Easy Bacchus makes the wine easy & fun for everyone !

Cecile, Easy Bacchus founder & CEO discovered and get passionate by wine since her 16. Her true mission is to help YOU selecting and discovering wine, just easy & fun !

Wine is complicated: which wine to purchase, how to taste, how to learn?
China is becoming second wine market worldwide (2020, by value, 21 billion USD). There was a shift in consumption from rich consumers to middle class consumer, younger clientele with higher disposable income and a willing to enjoy life product and western "Art de vivre". However, for 90% of them, wine is complicated.
Wine purchases online part is growing mostly thanks to millennial (25% of wine purchases online).

=> Easy Bacchus is developing a mobile app (IOS / Android)- launch January 2019 - enabling customer to select and purchase their perfect wine, delivered in 24 hours, and discover their wine with multisensory label (Scratch & Sniff, Touch & Feel, Scan & Discover - 5 patents) and Augmented Reality.

Easy Bacchus enables to adapt to customer needs and daily adopted technologies and gamifies the wine experience to make it easy & funny for everyone!
Easy Bacchus is the only platform enabling customer wine discovery from purchase to tasting and further discovery.

    Founder & CEO
    Cecile Israel is the founder of Easy Bacchus a wine APP making wine easy & funny for everyone with disruptive experience in A/R! She is very de... Read More