the conscious marketplace

In a world overrun by consumerism, it is hard to find good companies that are doing things the right way rather than just for profit. We have created an online marketplace just for those people making the right sort of difference in the world with their products. We make it easier for you to shop based on what you care about. We are Eartheries – the conscious marketplace.

We want to build a community of individuals and brands who have shared ideals and morals making the whole shopping experience easier and more conscious. This way you can get the best products out there, while investing the least amount of your time.

Instead of forcing our morals on you we want you to be able to choose what is the most important to you. You control your own ethical hierarchy by picking what matters to you from our list. Hopefully you discover products that meet your standards and go far beyond them.

We only allow products on our website that either help you live more consciously or are made consciously- or in the ideal world- both.

We have done the research for you. We ask the vendors about their materials and processes, so you won’t have to. We want to increase transparency, so you know more about what you are buying when you are buying it. This helps us hold the producers accountable for what they are doing and question some of their own practices.

We also love to hear the stories which led our people (read as – YOU) to make the choices they did. These can be found on our blog and will hopefully help making the change easier for you.

  • Kanika Jhunjhnuwala
    Founder/ CEO
    Hailing from Hong Kong, Kanika has lived in India, Singapore, USA and New Zealand. She is passionate about the environment which mainly stems from ... Read More