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The company participated in the inaugural INFINITI Accelerator Program in 2015 and was awarded a prototype development budget and support from INFINITI’s Design Centre in Japan.

E-Cycle, the Last Mile Solution Company, designs, develops, manufactures and distributes fully electric personal vehicles. E Cycle has been established following an initial seed funding from Infiniti Motors, the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Nissan.

The new generation electric bike currently under development is designed to redefine the way urbanites travel. The vehicle is light, foldable and rollable. It can be charged using a regular power outlet and travels up to 30km on a single charge. Fully connected to the internet, the electric bike can also be controlled by the user’s smartphone. Designed to fit compactly into the boot of a car, it was created to help commuters travel those last extra few miles from their parking spot to their downtown destination with ease.

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