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BuyandShip.Today is a platform that enables global ecommerce thru providing a virtual oversea address and consolidation service to our members. More Choices, Better Deal, Low Shipping Rate.

Buying things online should be easy and painless. Everyone should have access to the same deals in this day and age of borderless E-Commerce, but that is not the case.

At Buyandship, we are redefining the experience of E-Commerce without changing the sites, we are disrupting the underlying infrastructure. We envision our members being able to purchase from any site around the world and have it seamlessly be shipped home. No more geographical restrictions, No more price monopolies, No more ambiguous shipping situations. We are building towards a transparent system, where both buyers and sellers do not have to deal with any of the hassle that is not the product.

We are aiming at disrupting two issues,

(1) Price Monoloplies
There is always a price difference around the world, certain countries enjoy the benefit of more volume and better discounts. We want our members to be able to access the best deals at any point in time, maximizing the value of each dollar spent. More savings means more opportunities

(2) Geographical borders for e-commerce
Other than pricing, we have been tackling e-commerce logistics, most of the time the things we want, we might not be able to get. We also want to give access to everyone to every market, as we grow we are expanding the networks around the world creating an interlinked community.

  • Sheldon Li
    Logistics background, family business in the field for 30 years, invested by Singapore post . Serial entrepreneur in logistics field including cust... Read More