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DRVR is revolutionising logitisics and transport in South East Asia.
We are committed to helping to solving the problems of logistics in the region.

DRVR provides Fleet Analytics for vehicle fleets in S.E. Asia. The DRVR development team is based in BKK and we also have an office in Yangon and have recently employed our first Burmese developers. As such we are the only next generation Telematics company with a core focus on Myanmar and the rest of Indo-China, and the challenges that these countries present to fleet operators.

DRVR is a next generation telematics platform based on ‘big data’ concepts with a backend built with learning algorithms and data analytics that provide insights that help reduce vehicle fleet OPEX as well as providing data that allows you to make more informed CAPEX decisions.

DRVR provide world-class data collection methods based on Vehicle Performance Diagnostics and Driver Behaviour Patters, that can be configured to suit the needs of your organization. This is combined with a powerful, intuitive dashboard and analytics engine.

DRVR allows you to monitor your entire fleet, parts of your logistics operation, even "score" your drivers performance, all in real-time.

DRVR provides metrics and instrumentation for driver performance, route optimization, delivery confirmations, fuel theft monitoring, temperature monitoring, plus much more.

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  • About2
  • David
    David Henderson
    David is the founder and CEO of DRVR. He's a passionate about solving the problems of logisitcs in Asia. David has over five years of experience in... Read More
  • Damien
    Damien Williams
    Damien is a 17 years experienced finance wizard. Damien has extensive experience in emerging markets in the middle east and south east asia.
  • Eugene
    Eugene Peresada
    Chief Architect
    Eugene is the genius behind DRVR. He has created the architecture which has allowed DRVR to become the leading IoT company in ASEAN. Eugene's algor... Read More
  • The Team
    The Drvr team has every role filled. Sales - Chris Oram leads our sales team and has been killing it in Myanmar and Asean. Big Data and Data Scie... Read More