Droste helps companies define and implement strategies to make data part of their organisational DNA.

Droste is a Hong Kong-based data science consultancy. We specialise in working with businesses to infuse data into their decision-making process. Our approach works across three layers. At the data layer, we make an organisation's data consistent, interoperable and accessible. At the application layer, we build up analyses, models and interfaces to make the data useful. At the human layer, we champion cultural change and nurture businesses to reason with data.

  • Mart
    Mart van de Ven
    Partner / Principal Data Scientist
    “Data is like Sherlock: opinionated, non-conformant, and ignorant of common sense, but it'll be damned if it doesn't solves your mysteries for you.”
  • Bill
    Bill McCord
    Partner / Principal Technologist
    Software architect and system developer drawing from 20 years of experience. Holds a MS and BS of CS specializing in Machine Learning.
  • Dickson
    Dickson Kwong
    Senior Data Scientist
    Visualizing analytics in HK with 6 years of experience as a Tableau consultant.
  • Shivam
    Shivam Gaur
    Software Developer
    Software and Data Engineer, developing performant and production-ready data pipelines, ML and deep learning solutions.