Droplit provides 100% of the backend infrastructure needed to launch connected products.
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Droplit's mission is to improve the IoT user experience. We do so by reducing the complexity of developing software for connected products, handing product teams high-quality developer tools, future-proof infrastructure, and meaningful integrations with best-in-class IoT products and ecosystems.

Developing software for connected products remains incredibly difficult today due to an extraordinarily level of technical fragmentation across the IoT. Droplit serves as a universal translator across the many different silos of protocols (e.g. Bluetooth, WiFi, Zigbee), and ecosystems in the space (e.g. Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit) to enable more meaningful user experiences and greater interoperability in the Consumer IoT. By providing each layer of software from the device to the app, Droplit has helped product teams get to market nearly five times faster for less than a tenth of the cost of building software in-house, allowing hardware companies to focus more on their hardware and the experiences they deliver.

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  • Bryan
    Bryan Jenks
    Co-Founder & CEO
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    Stephen Westerfield
    Co-Founder & SVP, Business Development
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    Preston Tesvich
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