Helping companies build impactful digital products (mobile and web apps)

We are passionate about supporting startups and scale ups in the process of building digital products.
DO OK is an international team with research & development centers in Poland and offices in the Netherlands, Estonia, Norway and Denmark.
Our team combines C-level managerial, financial and technological expertise with a team of over 50 experienced engineers and project leaders.We take an in-depth, immersive approach to developing a software product for businesses and organizations.
Our goal is to craft the neatest code possible and help inspire change, bit by bit.
Over the last 10 years our team supported clients from over 16 countries delivering over 150 design and development projects.

We are supporting startups and scale ups in the process of building digital products (Mobile and Web Apps) bringing value at all levels from ideation to maintenance.
The services we provide include:
- digital consulting (business analysis, product and discovery workshops)
- product design (UX/UI)
- product development
You can find more info about value we bring:
You can check portfolio of completed projects:

Apart from the above services we offer partners DoConnect - software platform for IoT Devices (

Interested to discuss the details of our service or product offering? Send us an email at:

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    Dmitrij ┼╗atuchin
    A human with a mission to help minimize resource consumption through software. CEO of DO OK. Co-Founder @ SoDA, Angel investor.