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Web design, development and branding that is both stunningly beautiful and seamlessly functional.
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Digital Penguin is a small boutique studio focusing on bespoke solutions. We work with you every step of the way to craft a tailored product that precisely fits your needs.

Based in bustling Hong Kong, the studio was founded by acclaimed designer Fantanely Wong and multi-disciplinary developer Murray Wood. Together they bring over 20 years experience in functional design trends and innovative web technologies.

We design and develop bespoke websites and apps that function beautifully on every device, whether it's on a desktop, tablet or phone. From visual execution to user interface (UI), we thrive to provide the best possible digital user experience (UX) for your business.

Web applications are our bread and butter. We build custom software to enhance your productivity and specialise in online platforms that can be accessed from any device. It's time to automate your business and free up your time! Have a revolutionary idea for an app? Come talk to us.

Not only do we care how you are presented online, we make sure you look great in the non-digital world as well. A brand is the fundamental idea that reflects your business as a whole. May it be a logo, business card or brochure design, we deliver your vision seamlessly.

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