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We strive to provide the very best that digital marketing has to offer for Western and Chinese markets.
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As an agency in Hong Kong, we strive to provide the very best that digital marketing has to offer for Western and Chinese markets.

Our holistic approach to digital marketing aims to align clients’ social media strategies, customer relationship management, and O2O marketing by implementing organisational change management. Our working strategies, actions and methods however are guided by certain core values.
Passion & Curiosity: In a constantly shifting environment and industry, we like to stay on our toes. We need to constantly be on the lookout for news and events going on in the digital world. Our passion and curiosity help us to remain relevant, current and innovative.

Proactivity & Agility: It is crucial to be a step ahead whenever we carry out actions. We hate to remain static; proactivity is at the core of our working methods and we always remain agile in our approaches to be prepared to adjust actions in real time.

Humility & Respect: In digital marketing, one of the biggest mistakes that one can make is to think that you know everything. We are experts today but we keep challenging ourselves to learn every day in order to improve our methodology and services.

Business Drive & Entrepreneurship: Having a business spirit is part of our DNA. We help clients to be digitally pragmatic through cost effective and profitable actions. Our entrepreneurial spirit pushes us to mix risk, innovation and performance for business development.

Digital Business Lab mixes several key ingredients to compose a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to answer all your needs. While we specialise in social media campaigns in China and Hong Kong, we work with a range of digital experts to provide you with high quality deliverables.