Diggin' Limited

Go-to Place for Urban Dance, Hub to Connect Dancers & Businesses Worldwide

Inspired from the word “Digging”,an act of a Disc Jockeys(DJ) finding a right Vinyl Disc in a disc store for sampling. We aim to build a go-to place for people to "Dig-in", for fans to enter, for dancers to connect and for organiser, studios and businesses evolve.

Since 1970s, Urban Dance Industry is successfully grew from an underground subculture to a Multibillion Dollar Industry with 50M Urban Dancers Population Worldwide.

With the influence of 1. Urban Dance been included in education, and 2. Breaking, one of the genre of Urban Dance, being the first Dancesports that included into the ecosystem of the Olympic Games, it is expected to have hugh potenital in Market Growth thanks to increase in public awareness, government supports and media exposures.

More investments are likely to be injected in the industry in the near future.

However, no full-experience go-to place has been built for this community, the industry is fragmented and paper-based. Rendering disconnection, no data collection and high entry barrier.

Diggin' serves as a go-to place for Urban Dance for gathering fans, connecting dancers and businesses and digitalizing the dance studios and events.

1. Gather fans - lower fan entry barrier by educational content & tutorials
2. Connect Dancers - International guide for studios and events and Marketplace for Event Tickets, Dance Classes and Facilities
3. Digitalize Studios and Organisers - Digital In-venue Tools

1. Easy & Quick
2. Value-added to both organisers & studios in terms of additional lead generation, and marketers & brands for more targeted reach.

Download the apps here
iOS: https://www.digginhk.com/download/iOS/
Android: https://www.digginhk.com/download/Android/