Design Eight Five Two

An interdisciplinary design studio that explores the vernacular concept through architecture and design.
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DEFT (Design Eight Five Two, Ltd.) is a Hong Kong-based interdisciplinary design studio working in the fields of Interior Design, Architecture, Branding/Identity Design, and Digital Marketing.

Founded in 2014, DEFT is a young and growing studio looking for passionate, creative, and edgy team members.

Co-Founders Peter Lampard and Norman Ung lead the studio on projects in Hong Kong, Canada, and the United States.

  • Dsc 1197
    Peter Colin Lampard
    Projects Director
    As Projects Director and co-founding partner, Peter oversees all current projects at DEFT. Originally from the United States, Peter received his B... Read More
  • Dsc 1167
    Norman Ung
    Creative Director
    As Creative Director and co-founding partner, Norman contributes to all areas of design for DEFT’s projects as his meticulous and honest approach t... Read More
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    Hazel Yuen