Delvify builds and runs predictive AI solutions for businesses.
Where we're at?

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Founded in Hong Kong, we are a globally focused company, run on the Asian Values of hard work, customer attention and good food. Working across multiple languages and cultures, our team-work and friendship help us to deliver the best-in-class tools to our customers.

Our Core values are:
- Honesty
- Building new tools and services
- Knowledge sharers
- Customer as number one
- Accepting of everyone based on their individual merits.


We Help Clients Deliver Efficient Programmatic Campaigns That Bring Results
Delvify provides end-to-end programmatic campaign management, partnering with the best tools available for marketers and agencies. Our team of experts help create custom strategies for each campaign to deliver your goals.

Personalized AI Recommendations

By recommending what your users really want, we make the shopping journey easier and more relevant.

Delvify’s technology uses the world’s most advanced AI research to offer AI Search and Recommendations through Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision.

We sort, categorize and identify products and features for a variety of sectors. Using these advanced tools, you can drive new insights into your structured and unstructured data achieving unparalleled efficiency.