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Delvify helps global brands turn consideration into conversion with intelligent insight-driven Programmatic AI and increase revenues with visual AI solutions for ECommerce. We are a pioneer in natively built AI tools. Headquartered in Hong Kong with a research and development hub in Singapore. We have over 30 years of management experience with state-of-the-art computer vision, natural language processing, audio speech recognition, ECommerce and digital advertising.

Ecommerce AI

Increase revenues and deliver better customer experiences using next-generation AI Powered Visual technology for product recognition, discovery and personalised recommendations to your customers.

- Visual Search
- Visual Recommendations
- Auto-Categorization

Programmatic AI

Drive performance using intelligent AI powered advertising, transforming considerations into conversions through insights and data driven campaigns.

- Amplify Your Marketing
- Discover New Audiences
- Omni-Channel Reach
- Data Driven Creative

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  • Charles Allard
  • Jugs Maharjan
    Chief Engineer
  • Dan Lee
    Commercial Director
  • Elvis Lau
    Account Manager
  • True Yip
    Data Scientist
  • Staci Lin
    UX Designer
  • Jasmine Chu
    Growth Manager
  • Kelvin Ho
    Product Manager
  • Yung Oi
  • Bao Dinh