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WADA Technology is a B2B startup that provides a SaaS solution to mitigate the communication gap that is caused by non-face-to-face communication.

We are passionate about building and utilising technology to make the electronic transmission of information smart and interactive.

Have you ever been tired of guessing what your colleagues actually tried to say when reading their publications?

Yes, that's exactly what we are aiming to solve.

Inefficient communications and collaboration practices are causing businesses to fall short on productivity.

In the UK, for instance, this lack of productivity costs businesses approximately £8,000 per employee every year and up to £4 million annually for a company of 500 employees. As of today, companies like "Interact" or "Poppulo" provide full CMS solutions that address this issue in particular.

However, these solutions tend to be expensive, complex and challenging to implement for small to mid-size companies as they require significant change to the internal organisation of a company.

At WADA, we are integrating the best of CMS practices and applying them to any document you use. Compatible with any CMS, WADA provides an independent document reader that offers valuable features, such as:

Instant Feedback
Hard to understand passages can be identified and reported back to the contributor - due to user behaviour analysis and reader feedback.

Inbuilt Q&A
Interact with the contributor directly within the document and benefit from prior Q&A. No to duplicate questions.

Customisable Plugins
Easy to integrate plugins for contributors to integrate in-document surveys, group or individual feedback requests and many more.

Share Anything
Share documents, highlighted passages of text, parts of Q&A sections, peer or user feedback. Anything. Literally.

Personal Design
Prefer a specific font, font size or even line space? Set your individual preferences and WADA will remember.

Retain Content
WADA uses intelligent text formatting to enable readers to more effectively retain content. Science, no bullshit.

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