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The Simplest Shopper Analytics

Formerly, the market lacked quick yet effective video analytics solutions. To deploy such solutions, it was necessary to purchase special cameras/sensors and close the store for installation, which is costly and time-consuming. Changing the store layout after the initial installation posed other challenges. If customers change the store layout, the retailer would have to contact the technology supplier to readjust all the camera settings. Such factors have hindered video analytics products from gaining popularity and being widely used in retail stores.

Cyclops makes digital transformation both economical and easy. We apply cloud technology to traditional IP cameras, surveillance cameras, NVR or DVR. Clients only need to install the software and spend as little as 5 minutes to turn the camera into an advanced AI monitoring system. It also takes just a few minutes on Cyclops to readjust the settings in case of store layout changes. Cyclops greatly improves the complicated and time-consuming user experience from previous video analytic solutions.

Cyclops’ simple setup, easily accessible solution and real-time dashboard greatly saves our clients’ time and help them to maximize revenue. We can assist retail stores to solve problems in the most effective and accurate way and accelerate market penetration.

Offline Retailers had a tough time getting customer data compared to e-commerce and online retailers even with the latest available technology. The barriers include:
(i) specific camera/sensor/server installation
(ii) complex setup procedures that require technical knowledge
(iii) store downtime during hardware installation.

The innovation in Cyclops is to break these barriers by transforming the process into a cloud-based AI platform that every retailer can set up themselves in four simple steps without prior technical knowledge, in as short as 5 minutes. Being the first to break such barriers in the industry, Cyclops has proven to provide better user experience, simpler operations as well as more comprehensive data from users feedback.

Our cloud-based services also enable retailers to remotely monitor their stores anytime, anywhere in just a few clicks. Without the hardware delivery, we removed the traditional barrier of geographical location for retail analytics, users can easily set up new cameras/new stores remotely even for overseas.

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  • Patrick Tu
    CEO & Co-Founder
  • Eugene Ho
    Chief Data Scientist & Co-Founder
  • Alex Chu
    CFO & Co-Founder
  • Leo Lai
    Marketing Lead
  • Jack Ling
    Head of Business Development
  • Kobe Lo
    Senior Account Manger