Dash Serviced Suites

DASH is the “WeWork of Residential,” Hong Kong’s fastest growing tech enabled serviced apartment provider.
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We create 5-Star, price efficient, serviced living space communities to empower today’s hyper mobile, tech-savvy millennials to work anywhere overseas. We are the world’s fastest growing tech enabled, asset light provider of the Living Space as a Service Model starting in Hong Kong - the world’s #1 city by visits.

Dash is a fast growing serviced apartment provider with over 200 units in our portfolio. However, to cope with the imbalance of the huge demand for serviced suites versus the relatively small amount of supply for them, we are creating a new “DASH 2.0” business model. Our new business direction will be shaping the future of hospitality in Asia. We are creating a host-to-traveler marketplace (much like AirBNB) that is seamlessly operated with the consistency, standards, facilities, and amenities of a 5-star hotel.

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