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D1 Milano
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Established in 2012 by Dario Spallone helped by his sister, and lifelong friends Alessandro Pedersoli and Mattia Bodini, D1 turned heads at 2013 Milan Fashion Week and continues to establish its brand and global presence. D1 (pronounced “The One”) watches appeal to individuals who are inspired by their own style, not mainstream fashion. The D1 customer values unique features and understated elegance, enjoying cutting-edge technology and styling that attracts attention without being ostentatious.And choosing the D1 experience means far more than just selecting a watch that sets you apart. In addition to building a brand, D1 is committed to building a collaborative community, from our leadership team to our manufacturers, distributors and customers. We want everyone involved in the value chain of bringing our watches to shoppers to share in the value of each timepiece. For example, this means we place a great deal of importance in forging relationships with distributors, and we price our pieces so they benefit more than from other brands. Our customers understand that the price and quality of our watches keeps our D1 brand unique and strong. When you choose D1, you become like family. “We want to be the industry standard of constructive innovation in a world of destructive innovation,” Dario emphasizes.

D1 Milano creates effortlessly cool watches for the kind of wearers whose character builds their personal brand.