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CXA is Asia’s first private workplace insurance and wellness marketplace. It transforms a company’s current healthcare spend into personalized benefits and wellness programs that empowers employees to be healthier. Employees can select a mix of insurance and wellness services from a wide range of providers to suit their individual needs. Companies purchasing insurance coverage through CXA’s brokerage receive the platform at no additional cost, together with its data analytics as well as flexible benefits and workplace wellness administration.

CXA’s technology product helps employers combat rising premiums and keep administrative costs down. The CXA platform makes operationalizing a defined contribution benefits program easy: CXA aggregates all the players in the employee benefits value chain into a private marketplace and automates all the paper, information and payment flows between employees, companies, insurers, hospital, clinics, health screeners and wellness providers. This results in a significantly improved administrative workload.

CXA’s technology also incentivizes healthier behaviour, by giving employees access to the information, products, and services they need to better manage their health. CXA provides decision support tools to help employees proactively manage their health by choosing the most relevant mix of insurance and wellness services. Employees can use their employerMsponsored flexible benefit dollars to purchase services from a wide range of health and wellness providers on CXA’s site. The transactions are cashless and paperless: the systemMgenerated QR code is accepted by the vendor at the pointMofMsale and is reflected on the portal in realMtime. Employees also appreciate the opportunity to personalize their benefits selection, which improves talent engagement.

CXA’s data capture and analytics capabilities allow employers to measure the effectiveness and return on investment of their wellness initiatives and benefits plans. CXA helps employers capture and analyze data from medical claims, health screening results, wellness activity tracking, lifestyle risk assessments, and employee browsing and purchasing behavior. With this data, companies can streamline their benefits offering in the following year. This iterative process ensures that the benefits and wellness plan design for every firm will always be relevant, appropriate and costMefficient.

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    Rosaline Koo
    Rosaline Koo is the founder & CEO of CXA, Asia's first insurance wellness marketplace. Rosaline has 25 years of P&L and operational experie... Read More
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    Dawn Soo
    Chief Wellness Officer/Head of Hong Kong Office
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    Rachael Tay
    VP, Sales
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    Joan Hoon
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