The first smart oral sex toy that helps you learn what you like and how to communicate it
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Cunni is the first smart, oral sex toy for people with vulvas to learn what they like and how to communicate it. Created by Alison Tan and Sotiris Tsouris, designers and partner, Cunni will launch on Kickstarter on September 1, 2018. Cunni creates tools that empower sexual pleasure through self-discovery and better human connections. They believe in the necessity of inclusive sex-positivity--everyone’s journey to pleasure is unique and valid. Cunni connects users with their most intimate selves so they can achieve their full pleasure potential, both on their own and with partners.

The pleasure gap is the statistical and anecdotal truth that heterosexual women have far less satisfactory sexual encounters than their male partners. This gap begins early on, with unreciprocated oral sex setting a precedent for young women that their pleasure doesn't matter. Furthermore, clitoral sex toys like vibrators create a disconnect between people with vulvas and their partners, whereupon the emphasis is placed on self-pleasure rather than mutual pleasure. Cunni is the first clitoral sex toy with human-like motion, which means whatever users enjoy from with the toy can be done by sexual partners.

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