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C&Co. is a professional community, which believes that definition comes from action. We believe in creation, inspiration and entertainment and we are determined to use our international know-how to deliver on our belief in Asia.

On top of passion and creativity, we build on experience to assist people and projects of high standards.

we are a niche company advocating that culture has much to do with business.

C&co. Is made of two entities.
while Cooperativa Cultista initiates cooperation driven concepts, Co.Production delivers projects in the broad field of culture, art and entertainment.

We proudly create and cultivate genuine projects through our collaborative network of creators, Cooperativa Cultista based in Hong Kong.

We also deliver on demand. Co.Production offers inspirational content creation and production for entertainment, branding and community building purposes.

With our non-compromising approach, our clients can be assured that we don’t stop until we provided quality, uniqueness and results.
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