Cosmos Studio

We are a fashion label that create apparel with remarkably sustainable technologies.
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The way that the fashion industry have been operating is unsustainable, exploitative and destructive. So at Cosmos Studio our biggest mission is to make contemporary and minimalistic pieces with a high level of sustainability; and to create a brand that is highly eco-friendly, fashionable and imaginative. Together with textile experts, we have created the Gidelave™ technology - a colour diffusion technology that is capable of saving 95% of water as well as effluent in the dyeing process. We hope to pioneer for big changes in the way that textile is processed and raise the bar of how sustainable fashion can be.

We are trying to change the way how garment is traditionally dyed. Dyeing just a shirt normally takes up about 600L of water, alongside all the harmful chemicals that was produced and dumped into waterways that supply local habitants. Different from traditional dyeing, GiDelave™ works by "printing" colour pigment on the cotton threads in a 360º manner. As the colouring is now replaced with our own colour diffusion technology, there is no need for a piece of garment being repeatedly shoved into large dyeing tubs, hence saving 95% of water and effluent.

We also want to close the gap between how sustainable and fashionable a label normally is So when adopting a wholly ethical production chain (from BCI cotton to WRAP- certified factories), we also focus on a minimalistic design with subtle contemporary twists.

  • Davy Chan
  • Jeffrey Man
  • Rosalyn Ng
    Art Director